IBM Boldly Tackles Company Information Security (What You Can Learn)

IBM prohibits employee use of all portable storage devices to minimize risk of lost, misused and stolen company data.

The portable storage device is known to be one of the easiest ways to extract company data. We know this firsthand because companies of all sizes call on Cornerstone Discovery to help investigate intellectual property theft. USB activity is the first place we start.

Taking a brazen stance, IBM is confronting the risk of lost, misplaced and misused data breaches by banning the use of all portable storage devices. According to Simon Sharwood of The Register, 350,000+ IBM employees across the world will need to find a new way to transfer data by the end of May. Rumors have it that employees are not too thrilled.

What Can I Learn?

This multinational technology company has the mega muscle to implement such a stringent widespread ban. For most small and mid-size businesses, it’s not feasible to prohibit the use of portable storage devices from regular business activity.

If you’re concerned that an employee (past or present) may have confidential company information that is at risk of being lost, misplaced, stolen or sold to the wrong hands, you’ll want to employ a Certified Digital Forensic team to investigate. Portable storage devices are an easy way to extract data and introduce malicious software to spread infection.

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